Facetted beads

Beaded Wreath

Let your imagination soar! Combined with lace trims and chenille, these facetted beads will make wonderful Christmas decorations. Mix with a few tri-beads and cartwheel beads for make amazing decorations. Make a few extra so you can embellish your gifts. This is a great and inexpensive way to add to someones cherished moments. When that special someone hangs that beautiful decoration on their tree, they will automatically think of you.

A couple of these will make great gifts for a child's class teacher! Each of our children have been making decorations for years. They now have a wide selection to decorate that first tree when they move away from home. A little reminder of home for when they just can't make it back.

Want to experiment? Try mixing in some pony beads for a uniquely different look.

The facetted beads are available in the following colours, sizes and quantities.

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Facetted Beads

Transparent colours

Light AmethystGreen AquaRuby
AmethystLimeLight Sapphire
Dark AmethystMultiSapphire
CrystalOrangeLight Turquoise
ChampagneLight PinkTurquoise
EmeraldPink Yellow
Dark EmeraldDark PinkDark Yellow
FuchsiaRedLight Yellow

Solid colours


Facetted Beads

4mmapprox. 500 per bag$2.25
approx. 250 per bag$1.15
6mmapprox. 500 per bag$2.25
approx. 250 per bag$1.15
8mmapprox. 500 per bag$3.40
approx. 250 per bag$1.70
10mmapprox. 500 per bag$6.80
approx. 250 per bag$3.50
12mmapprox. 500 per bag$8.40
approx. 250 per bag $4.25

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