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We have been serving customers since our retail boutique opened in 1983. Now we are very proud and excited to introduce you to your one click Canadian general craft supplies store.

Our family spends endless hours doing a wide range of projects. Our sons enjoy building model planes and cars plus making the beaded Christmas decorations. One daughter is a chef and enjoys spending her spare time doing beaded bracelets and lampshades. Our other daughter spends her free time stitching on plastic canvas. My husband makes an assortment of wood toys. As for me, I love being creative with my hands. I spend my time baking, cooking as well as doing kits and Christmas decorations. My all time favourites, though, are crocheting, reading. We all love living with nature.

We hope you enjoy crafting and creating as much as we do! So we would like to invite you to spend endless hours happily exploring our wide selection of crafting beads, Christmas accents, and wood shapes, to name a few, for your various projects. There are new items arriving every few weeks.

We have a wide selection of seed, pony, facetted, cartwheel, and of course tri- BEADS to suit your many projects.

There are all sorts of neat CHRISTMAS CRAFT SUPPLIES and CRAFT BELLS just waiting to brighten your holiday creations. RAFFIA DOLLS also make beautiful angels.

You are invited to browse through our collection of MINI WOOD SHAPES. You will find a varied selection of shapes that may be mixed and matched. The question is, Do you decorate your creations with paint or fabric?

Where would your DOLL and TEDDY BEAR MAKING projects be without your stock of doll eyes, noses, heads, and of course glasses to make the granny and grampas.

Of course, I wouldn't be crafting without my stock of GENERAL SUPPLIES of glue sticks, magnets, chenille, to name a few. Maybe now is the time to check your stock of supplies. Are you missing something?

We carry a select number of types and colours of PATONS YARNS and PATTERN BOOKS for the knitter and/or crocheter. Yarns can also be used to accent your craft projects.

Interested in a unique line of HAND CRAFTED items? Why not peruse our selection of wood toys and household items that are made right on the premises. I know that our children have enjoyed many hours playing with their toys.

There are many styles of WIND CHIMES to choose from. From the very delicate and gentle sounding for a babies room, to soft bamboo, to sparkling for the outdoors!

WIND SPINNERS convey a whole new meaning to the expression of "silence is golden"! That is what these eye catching spinning beauties bring.

Periodically check out our CLEARANCE section for products that might be discontinued or overstocks. You just might find something that you have been looking for but cannot find anywhere else.

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Christmas Craft Supplies
There is a gold mine of Christmas craft supplies and little treasures just waiting for you to check them out! Whether you are making wreaths, winter scenes, or decorations, there is something for you
Craft Beads
La Boheme Crafts welcomes you to our varied selection of craft beads. Need something to keep the children busy on those rainy and not so rainy days? The following craft beads are great for t
Craft Bells
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Doll Making
Where would your teddy bear and doll making projects be without your stock of doll eyes, noses, heads, and of course glasses to make the granny and grampa ones.
General Supplies
There is nothing more frustrating than starting a project to find out that you have run out of your stock of general supplies. Now is the time to make sure you have everything for that project.
Lace Trims
Lace trims turn beautiful projects into fabulous ones. You can mix and match your lace with ribbons and ribbon roses for such unique creations. Let your imagination soar.
La Boheme Crafts is bringing you a varied selection of raffia dolls and angels. They are lovely whether you decorate them with straw hat
Mini Wood Shapes
You are invited to browse through this collection of mini wood shapes. You will find a varied selection of shapes that may be mixed and matched, and that can be decorated with paint or fabric.
Pattern Books
Looking for ideas? Don't know what to make or how to do it? Let La Boheme Crafts offer you a wide selection of pattern books. We have many ideas from plastic canvas to knitting to crocheting to be
Hand Crafted
La Boheme Crafts offers you a unique collection of hand crafted items for children and the home. Our products are individually hand made right on the premises. All paints that we use are non-toxic.
Wind Chimes
For those who are not interested in crafts supplies maybe wind chimes will interest you. What a wonderful and pleasing array of wind chimes La Boheme Crafts offers you.
Let La Boheme Crafts Clearance section be your place to find some discontinued items that you might be looking for. These are either end of line or discontinued stock. Items here will be of limited q
Canadian Arts And Crafts Shows
When La Boheme Crafts is not exhibiting at Canadian Arts and Crafts Shows, we just love to meander through the many art and crafts shows in the spring, summer, autumn and of course the Christmas Craft
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