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La Boheme Crafts welcomes you to our varied selection of craft beads . Need something to keep the children busy on those rainy and not so rainy days? The following craft beads are great for those young and not so young at heart.

Our pony beads are great for children's hands. The bigger bead makes it easier for small hands to handle. Used with gimp (plastic lacing) they make great critters for children to hang on their bedroom walls. These can also be used for keychains or zipper pulls. The large center hole is also easy for seniors to see. Do you have arthritic hands? You, too, can also enjoy crafting with them.

Browse our wide selection of facetted beads, cartwheels (snowflake) beads, and tri-beads. Combined with lace trims and chenille (pipe cleaners) your creations will make beautiful Christmas decorations which will look fantastic on any Christmas tree. How about adding one or two to embellish your gifts. This is a great and inexpensive way to add to someones cherished moments. When that special someone hangs that beautiful decoration on their tree, they will automatically think of you.

Each of our children have been making decorations for years. They now have a wide selection to decorate that first tree when they move away from home. A little reminder of home for when they just can't make it back.

Fused beads make great accents to floral centerpieces as well as angels.

Are the above selections not for you? Have you thought of accenting your embroidery
with seed beads?

Need some ideas? All about Needlepoint has some very good ones. Needlepoint's comprehensive site with tools and information for everyone about this old craft with a modern look which is fast, fun, and affordable.

Our selection is also great for making
bracelets and necklaces.

Need more of a challenge? Try making a lampshade like the one pictured here! The rewards are plenty. Their are over 50 individual flowers on this lampshade!!

Need some help on how to make jewelery? This Beads Beading Needs is sure to help you. Free step by step guide on how to make jewelry, jewelry making materials and tools, creative jewelry making ideas, beading techniques and all aspects on "How to Bead".

Need some more ideas or help with beads? Then this site Beads-beading-beaded-doilies has some great ideas. Learn the process. Lots of great information and patterns too. So check out this site for help and ideas and then return to us to make your purchases.

For information about placing an order, please use our Contact Us page. Thank you.

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