Mini Wood Shapes

You are invited to browse through this collection of mini wood shapes that La Boheme Crafts is offering to you. You will find round clothespins to paint or decorate with scraps of fabric. Whether you dress them up or paint them, they are fun to use.

Do you enjoy painting small items? There is a selection of
flower pots and candle cups waiting just for you. If you have
a creative mind, you can do almost anything with these. I
have made penguins by turning the larger flower pot upside-
down and gluing it to a scalloped heart. Glue a wood ball on
top and paint away. Add a couple of trims and Voila!!! You
have a penguin for a small Christmas decoration or to add to that winter scene that you are making.

decorated snowflakeNeed a small craft that is fun and easy for children of all ages? Try the snowflakes or the tree cutouts. Have the children paint them, then while they are still wet, dip the shapes into a glitter of their choice. Hang to dry. The children will be so amazed at what they can do!! For the more experienced painter, why not tole paint them for a totally different look.

Are you into bobbin dolls? Check out the 3 sizes of spools waiting just for you. You can create all types of bobbin dolls by dressing them up with assorted scraps of fabric.

With just a little imagination and a combination of any of these mini wood shapes, the creations that you can make are limitless. So go ahead, click on the words and check them out. Let your imagination soar!

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