Round Clothespins
Snowflakes and Tree Cutouts

Making Christmas decorations with the round clothespins, snowflakes and tree cutouts is an easy craft to do with children.

Take our Christmas tree and snowflake cutouts. Young children will enjoy painting these with poster paints of their choice. While the paint is still wet, dip in glitter or sequins. Hang to dry. Voila!! Instant tree ornaments or gift trims for those special presents. For the older children, they can try their hand at painting the snowflakes white and adding face features similar to the one pictured here.

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006) Natural Wood Round Doll Pins

pkg of 12$2.15

299) Natural Wood Snowflakes

approx. 3 inches x 1/8 inchpkg of 3$0.90

* sold undecorated

300) Natural Wood Treetree cutout

approx. 3 1/2 inches x 1/8 inchpkg of 2$0.75

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