Wind Chimes and Spinners

wind chimes

Not interested in crafts supplies you say!! Maybe our wind chimes will interest you.

La Boheme Crafts is offering you a wide selection. Some of these are delicate making them perfect for a babies room, while others are eye-catching and just as perfect for the living room or the outdoors. Our collection ranges from dolphins to butterflies, from hummingbirds to angels, to name a few. Let their melodious song sooth you while you relax. Whatever your choice, we are sure there is something for you; so please take the time to peruse the following pages.

Check out these wonderful beauties that have been created by Mother Nature. As you can see from the pictures below, each one is unique. You will never find two agate rock slabs exactly the same.

Do you have a nature lover on your gift list? What an exquisite gift these will make for that nature loving person. For that matter, for anyone on your list. You will be surprised at how soothing these wind chimes can be.

wind chimes

wind chimes

wind spinner

Looking for something that is just as beautiful but a little more on the quiet side? What about a wind spinner? With the light shining upon them, their colourful and optical illusions are mesmerizing!!

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