General Supplies

There is nothing more frustrating than starting a project to find out that you have run out of your stock of general supplies. Now is the time to make sure you have everything for that project.

Let La Boheme Crafts be your source for the proverbial hot glue stick, stryofoam balls, magnets, birds and music boxes.

pom pom caterpillarsWe have many items that are great for the wee ones. Pipe cleaners (chenille), pom poms, and googley eyes make wonderful fridge magnets that will keep the wee ones occupied for hours.

Just sprinkle some glitter over your project to see just how eye catching it becomes. Sequins look absolutely fabulous on angels. Have you tried adding these to yours?

bell angel

Have you ever worked with filigree ornaments? I have fun turning filigree bow and bell forms into angels with the help of some lace and flowers. What adorable angels they make. These sweet angels can be decorated to give to that special mother on Mothers Day. Why not that special grandmother, for what better reason than just because.

You know that potpourri balls are not just for potpourri but can also be decorated for the different seasons. An angel can hold candy at Christmas or be decked out in ribbons and lace. The ghost makes a great way to hand out Hallowe'en goodies. Why limit yourself to ribbons, lace and candy? Try your hand at painting them, don't let your imagination stop there - keep going!!

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