Acrylic Potpourri Holders

In addition to all the wonderful supplies La Boheme Crafts offers you, we also offer these exciting acrylic potpourri holders. You can paint these instead for a unique look. Or you can fill with candy, trinkets, or potpourri. Let your imagination run wild!

With the use of pom poms, glitter, eyes, glue and paint you can turn these into bears, santas, etc... Still need some ideas? Then check our assorted pattern books continues and our book clearance continued pages for help.

For information about placing an order, please use our Contact Us page. Thank you.

045) Clear Bell with Open Sidesacrylic bell

90mm$1.75 each

acrylic star

046) Clear Star with Open Sides (like the item pictured above)

80mm$1.75 each

acrylic teardrop

240) Clear Teardrop with Open Sides (sold undecorated)

(opens like item #45 pictured above)

130mm$0.99 each

acrylic ball

256) Clear Ball with Open Sides and Holes at Top

80mm$0.99 each

257) Clear Heart with Open Sides and Holes at Top

100mm$1.29 each

acrylic egg

258) Clear Egg with Open Sides

(opens like item #45 above)

100mm$1.29 each

acrylic angel

386) Clear Angel with Open Sides

(opens like item #45 above)

100mm$2.00 each

388) Clear Bell with Handle and Open at Bottom

4 1/2 inches tall$4.00 each

389) Clear RED FACETTED Apple with Open Sides

77mm$2.00 each

390) Clear Chicks with Open Sides in Assorted Pastel Colours

100mm$2.00 each

ghost globe

391) Clear Glow-in-the-Dark Ghost with Open Sides

100mm$2.00 each

375) Clear Shapes with Bendable Legs and Armspumpking bendy

Pumpkin with Orange Legs and Arms$2.00 each
Egg with Pink Legs and Arms$2.00 each
Egg with Blue Legs and Arms$2.00 each
Heart with White Legs and Arms$2.00 each

313) Gold Ornament Stand (can be used to display above globes)

7 inch Tall$2.25 each

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