Birds and Nests

Whether using birds as a focal point of your project or just as an accent, they will make your piece look lovely. Sprinkle with a little iridescent glitter to make them look like they are covered in a bit of morning dew. Hang in a spot where the sunlight will catch it at just the right angle and see it sparkle! Check out our selection of grapevine wreath shapes or our pine wreaths.

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210) 1/2 inch mini Plastic Birdmini birds

Choose from the following colours:


pkg of 25$0.25


002) 1 inch mini Plastic Dove

Choose from the following colours:

White BluePeach
Light PinkRed

pkg of 12$0.40
pkg of 144$4.00

058) White Plastic Bird on a pick

pkg of 6$1.50
pkg of 12$2.80

236) 5/8 inch Assorted Mini Birds

pkg of 3$0.60

269) Bird Nestsbird nest

approx. 1 1/2 inchespkg of 2 $0.99
approx. 5 inchespkg of 1$1.29

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