Styrofoam Balls and Glitter

Many children love to use styrofoam balls with glitter as well as chenille and magnets to create the most wonderful projects. Let La Boheme Crafts be your source for these items and many more.

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024) Styrofoam Balls styro balls

1 inch$0.20 each3 inch$0.80 each
1 1/2 inch$0.30 each4 inch$1.90 each
2 inch$0.50 each5 inch$3.50 each
2 1/2 inch$0.80 each6 inch$8.00 each

styro wreath

446) Styrofoam Wreath

10 inchExtruded$4.50 each

031) Glitterglitter

approximately 1 ounce pkg$1.00

Choose from the following colours:


362) Confetti

28 gram pkg$1.99

AnimalsHearts, Bears & Music NotesAlpha & Stars

animal confettimusic confettialpha confetti

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