La Boheme Crafts is offering these agate rock wind chimes that are fascinating and exquisitely beautiful to look at as well as being very pleasant to listen to. Each one is unique. As in Mother Nature, each one is created individually in it's size, colour, and shape. You will never find 2 exactly the same. Each one of these chimes has 7 agate rock slabs suspended from a wood ring.

We also offer you dolphins, hummingbirds, and flowers, to name a few on the other pages. Please take the time to peruse these other styles of wind chimes.

wind chimes

wind chimes

GreenPurple Blue

NaturalMixed Rust

Teal(not shown)

As you can see from the above pictures, each one is unique, therefore guaranteeing it's uniqueness.

The average length of each wind chime is 29 inches long. This may vary depending on the shape of the rock.

900)Each chime is $25.00

Choose from the colours mentioned below.

Mixed coloursQuantity in stock: 2
PurpleQuantity in stock: 2
Natural (Amber & Clear)Quantity in stock: 6
TealQuantity in stock: 0
BlueQuantity in stock: 0
GreenQuantity in stock: 2
Rust (Copper colour)Quantity in stock: 2

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