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On these pages you will find a variety of Design Originals crafting books that La Boheme Crafts carries for all ages and gender. Unfortunately I do not have pictures for all of these books. Hopefully my descriptions will bring these crafting books alive for you. I have carried these books to a lot of craft shows, so some of the covers have small marks on them but please be assured that they are all in good condition and have never been used before.

For some brand name books please check out the specific pages for Patons, Leisure Arts, and for a variety of crafting books that don't fall into these categories check out our selection of Assorted Pattern Books. For some hard to find books or some that have been discontinued, please check out our Clearance Book section.

If you have any questions about these Design Originals crafting books or for information about placing an order, please use our Contact Us page. Thank you.

DO1106)Beadery for Kids$3.90

Looking for a novel party idea for children? Just look at these adorable projects for kids!! The patterns in this leaflet are easy to make and feature colourful shaped beads such as hearts, fish, bears and others to make necklaces, hair bows, and hat trims. Why not adorn those shoes by adding some beads to your shoe laces. Over 15 patterns.

Quantity in stock: 4

DO2271)Drawstring Lace - Quick Projects$6.75

This book has many quick and easy elegant accessories for the home. From angels and bunnies, to potpourri sachets. Have some fancy glass bottles but don't know what to do with them. Fill them with potpourri or sea shells. Add lid and some lace, ribbons and silk flowers. Sit a pillar candle on top of lid. Now you have given new life to your old candles and bottles. If you use candles please keep safety in mind and never leave lit candle unattended. Over 20 patterns.

Quantity in stock: 1

DO2443)Wire-Edge Ribbon$6.75

Over 10 wonderful projects to make with wire-edge ribbon in this pattern book. Make angels and christmas trees as well as decorate stuffed bears. There is a beautiful pattern to decorate a papier mache heart box with wired ribbons, beads and flowers.

Quantity in stock: 1

DO3037)Dream Web Jewelry$7.95

30 extraordinary dream web accessories to make for both necklaces and earrings. From heart shapes to teardrop shapes to your regular circles. Be a little different and use a wood ring instead of the usual metal ring. Your designs and styles are only limited to your imagination.

Quantity in stock: 1

DO3065)Sun Catchers Beaded Jewelry$7.95

Create dazzling beaded accessories to brighten any ensemble. There are 18 stunning projects to make your good dreams come true! Use a variety of bugle, seed beads, and bangles. Patterns include necklaces, earrings and dream sun catchers.

Quantity in stock: 4

DO3074)Raffia Riot$7.95

With over 22 design variations in this book, I'm sure that you will want to create some of these fantastic projects. I have created my own variation of the Victorian Curved swag and vertical swag. I adapted the pattern for raffia broom with flowers to a straw broom for Hallowe'en and for Christmas.

Quantity in stock: 5

Door Hangers

DO3129)Door Hangers$7.95

25 great designs to stitch on 7 mesh plastic canvas. There is one for every door and every occasion in this book. Make them for a babies room - Nap Time, for the cook - Out to Lunch, and for that Special Teacher and many many more. With the basic pattern and some wool why not try one of your own ideas!

Quantity in stock: SOLD

Halloween & Fall

DO3132)Halloween & Fall$7.95

With glue gun and a handful of craft paints in hand you can create these dazzling 18 projects to decorate your house for Halloween and Fall. You don't have to be a pro to paint mason jars. Paint pumpkin faces and ghosts on them. Glue on some ribbons and fall leaves and what a splendid way to hold all that candy. Make a wreath for your door or wall. Enjoy making many more fabulous decorations or gifts.

Quantity in stock: 3

DO3150Honey-Bee Beeswax Candles$7.95

With beeswax sheets, candlewick, ruler and xacto knife in hand you can create these wonderfully whimsical and useful candles for all occasions. Some are extremely easy while others are for the more adventurous. Be sure to use candlewick and not string or cord for these candles. Cord and string tend to smoke more and not burn correctly. Did you know that the beeswax candles featured in this booklet are dripless!! Since they are sheets rolled together and have air pockets for the wax to run into, they burn all the wax. No more drips!

Our children and I have made many of these patterns and have won prizes on them. We have also given a lot away as gifts. When invited out to dinner at a friends house, what could be nicer than to thank your host or hostess with a pair of candles, made by you, to match their decor!!

Quantity in stock: 3

D)3151Celebration Candles$7.95

Here is another pattern book for candles using both store bought candles and beeswax. Use the beeswax to adorn store bought candles. This book also shows you how to etch your own patterns into store bought ones, how to mold three taper candles into one spiral, and how to change the outside texture.

Quantity in stock: 1

DO3193)Spoolin' Around$6.90

23 easy "How to" projects to create spool dolls, wreaths and knick knacks. With spools, glue gun and glues, scraps of fabric, and buttons on hand, you can spend endless hours creating. Make a cute doll to hang in your crafting corner that says "Crafts forever, Housework never!!

Quantity in stock: 1

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