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On these pages you will find a wide selection of Patons pattern books that La Boheme Crafts carries for all ages and gender. Unfortunately I do not have pictures for all of these books. Hopefully my descriptions will bring these knitting and crochet books alive for you. I have carried these books to a lot of craft shows, so some of the covers have small marks on them but please be assured that they are all in good condition and have never been used before.

For some brand name books please check out the specific pages for Leisure Arts, Design Originals, and for a variety of crafting books that don't fall into these categories check out our selection of Assorted Pattern Books. For some hard to find books or some that have been discontinued, please check out our Clearance Book section.

If you have any questions about these Patons pattern books or for information about placing an order, please use our Contact Us page. Thank you.

The Patons pattern books in this section measure approximately 6 inches wide by 9 3/4 inches long.

**When ordering from these pages please use PB in front of the item number as some of these numbers are the same as on another page. ie - PB430, PB463. Thank you.

Patons by Request

PB430)Patons By Request$1.65

This book features 10 Patons patterns to knit. Included are a girls bonnet and mitts, ladies hat, gloves and mittens for adults and children, skaters outfit, and bed jackets.

Quantity in stock: 1

Baby Talk

PB463)Beehive Baby Talk$2.40

This book has 7 wonderful outfits for babies from 3 to 18 months. Dress your little girl up in a knitted dress with or without matching leggings. Your little boy will be nice and cozy in a blue knitted top with sailboats with matching leggings. There is a bunting bag for those cooler days.

Quantity in stock: SOLD

Patons Chunky News

PB491)Patons Chunky News$2.15

This lovely Patons pattern book is written in FRENCH and has 6 his and hers sweaters and cardigans to knit in a chunky yarn.

Quantity in stock: 2

Patons Neon Knits for Kids

PB644)Patons Neon Knits for Kids$2.85

This book has 3 pullover sweaters and 1 cardigan with a zipper pattern aimed at both boys and girls in sizes 6 to 10. Done with bright neon colours sure to please that child in your family.

Quantity in stock: 3

Patons Cardigans and Vests

PB708)Patons Cardigans and Vests$2.85

This lovely Patons pattern book in FRENCH has 4 patterns for both men and women. 2 patterns are for sizes small, medium, large, and ex-large. The other 2 patterns are for small, medium, and large. Patterns can be made into cardigan sweaters or adapted to become a vest with or without buttons.

Quantity in stock: 3

Patons Tiny Knits

PB723)Patons Tiny Knits$2.85

This book has 4 patterns for babies for 3 months to 18 months. From a lacey jacket with matching bonnet for a little girl to a cardigan and tam for either a boy or girl. There is a diamond style patterned sweater as well as another jacket with matching hat.

Quantity in stock: 2

Patons Cool Knits

PB736)Cool Knits for Warm Weather$2.85

These 4 ever so cool looking tops are knit with a cotton yarn. For women in sizes small, medium, and large. Why not be creative and try accenting these solid coloured sweaters with a contrasting colour.

Quantity in stock: 1

Patons Baby, Dearest

PB739)Patons Baby, Dearest$3.40

Do you love embroidery as well as knitting? Well this book has 2 patterns full of embroidery for these cute sweaters to knit for babies 6 months to 2 years. Included is a bonnet and booties set to embroider as well. Why not try your hand at a sweater full of frills and mock cables!! What a challenge for the advanced knitter.

Quantity in stock: 1

Patons Baby's Little Blankets

PB753)Patons Baby's Little Blankets$3.60

While babies are cute with the pastel colours, toddlers and young children prefer brighter colours with more patterns to keep them occupied. So why not try your hand at these. From a simple varigated yarn done in basketweave stitch to popcorn squares in alternating vibrant colurs. A simple star stitch done in striped colours to bold blocks based on the diamond pattern. And of course where would you be without the traditional wave and granny square done in a circle!! In all 6 bold patterns to keep you busy!

Quantity in stock: 1

Patons School Zone

PB760)Patons School Zone$3.60

Here is a book that is aimed at the young teenage children in your family. For both boys and girls from the ages of 10 and up. Sweater sizes for Petite to Ex-Large!! Try beautiful cables mixed with diamonds, fair isle and plain simple patterns. One pattern is all cables for that very advanced knitter. Why not give them a try.

Quantity in stock: 1

Patons Cool Weather Accessories


Patons Cool Weather Accessories$3.95

Need something to keep you warm in the winter? How about trying these ribbed socks with mitts. A cabled hat and mitts set? Why not a Shaker Ribbed scarf and toque set or a Check and Garter stitched set consisting of a scarf, hat, and mitts? There is also a lovely zippered vest with a peaked cap. All to keep you snug and warm as a bug on those cold winter months.

Quantity in stock: SOLD

The measurement of the following Patons pattern books is 8 3/4 inches wide by 11 3/4 inches long.

Patons Baby Choice

PB235)Patons Baby Choice$5.15

This book has 23 wonderful patterns to knit and crochet for babies. You have dresses and shawls to crochet and knit as well as a very lovely christening dress to knit. One piece rompers with matching jackets, some with hoods to knit. All these designs are very traditional and yet very modern. Of course there are the booties with animal faces and socks with baubble patterns.

Quantity in stock: 1

Patons Kids Stuff

PB251)Patons Kids Stuff$5.10

This book has 20 exciting young and fun handknits for small children. Many sweaters with patterns of animals, dice, and flowers. Some done in plain stitch while others are done in cables, lacy, and seed. Some done in combined stitches and patterns. Hats with scarves and mitts to go along with the sweaters. Patterns to fit chest measurements from 21 inches 26 inches.

Quantity in stock: SOLD

Patons Moorland Chunky

PB260)Patons Moorland Chunky$3.85

This Patons pattern book has 10 thick pure wool hand knits in rich country colours to knit for adults. A crew-neck sweater that has a matching separate hood, turtle neck sweaters, sweaters with cable pattern on the sleeves for both men and women.

Quantity in stock: 1

Patons Kids Club

PB272)Patons Kids Club$5.10

There are 17 great handknits for children from chest sizes 56cm to 81cm. They are fun and jazzy as well as practical fashions for children. From polka dots and stripes to squares and triangles. Train motif to flowers and a house. Basketweave to plain combined with cables. Pockets or no pockets. This has it all to knit.

Quantity in stock: 2

Royal Collection

PB283)Patons A Royal Collection $4.40

"An heirloom to treasure and be proud to use" book has 7 patterns for babies with chest size 41cm, 46cm, 51cm, and 56cm, or 16, 18, 20, and 22 inches. Patterns include wonderful sweaters done in cable stitch, double-breasted coat, christening dress with matching booties and mitts, a shawl and a sweater with matching leggings.

Quantity in stock: 3

Patons Handknits

PB292)Patons Handknits$7.85

Wow! 23 cardigan and pullover sweaters for children with such adult patterns! For chest sizes 20 to 26 inches. From lacy to eyelet, checkers to stripes, floral and sailor motifs to fair isles, and fancy basketweave to cables. What a nice way to make the children feel like a grownup with these patterns.

Quantity in stock: 1

Patons Adventure Kids

PBN P337)Patons Adventure Knits$9.85

This Patons pattern book has 12 fashionable designs to knit in double knitting for children from 1 to 11 years. Definitely for the adventurous knitter! Sweaters with plain stripes and checkers, to fair isles, to cables mixed with baubles are just a few of these intricate patterns. Some patterns have matching tuques and mitts.

Quantity in stock: 1

Patons Handknits for Babies & Toddlers

PBN P349)Handknits for Babies & Toddlers$12.85

This Patons pattern book has 10 irresistible handknits for babies and toddlers. The designs range from simple stocking stitch outfits to cable and fair isle sweaters. A basketweave stitched bunting bag with a bear motif, and a tartan vest with matching hat are to name a few of the patterns. Plain knitted sweaters that can be embellished with embroidery is you wish. All these designs fit newborn to 3 years.

Quantity in stock: 3

Patons Young Explorers

PBN P342)Patons Young Explorers$12.85

14 adventurous handknits in DK and aran style for children from 1 to 11 years. This Patons pattern book is really for the adventurous knitter as well. Wow, what a challenge to knit this sweater with a penguin and snowflake motif that has a matching penguin backpack and toy will be!! Included is a tunic style sweater with a snowflake design on the pockets with matching hat and mitts. A beautiful Navajo striped cardigan and a fringed jacket with hat, to a flower bud and cable paneled cardigan, all to knit. Such a lovely crocheted poncho with matching hat to knitted tunics and sweaters in Inca designs and colours. What a real challenge for that knitter who is tired of knitting the plain sweaters.

Quantity in stock: 1

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