Leisure Arts Pattern Books

On these pages you will find a wide selection of Leisure Arts pattern books that La Boheme Crafts carries for all ages and gender. Unfortunately I do not have pictures for all of these books. Hopefully my descriptions will bring these plastic canvas and crochet books alive for you. I have carried these books to a lot of craft shows, so some of the covers have small marks on them but please be assured that they are all in good condition and have never been used before.

For some brand name books please check out the specific pages for Patons, Design Originals, and for a variety of crafting books that don't fall into these categories check out our selection of Assorted Pattern Books. For some hard to find books or some that have been discontinued, please check out our Clearance Book section.

If you have any questions about these Leisure Arts pattern books or for information about placing an order, please use our Contact Us page. Thank you.

Baby Bears in Plastic Canvas

LA408)Baby Bears in Plastic Canvas$3.50

This leaflet has patterns for an adorable mobile, tissue cover, and switch plate cover to adorn a babys room. By changing your yarn colour these can be made suitable for a toddlers room. These patterns are stitched on 7 mesh plastic canvas

Quantity in stock:1

LA419)Four Mobiles in Plastic Canvas$3.50

Do you like unicorns, cats? Maybe hot air balloons or bi-planes? Then this leaflet is for you. Stitch these 4 moblies in 7 mesh plastic canvas. The bi-plane is 3-dimensional.

Quantity in stock: 1

Canada Geese in Plastic Canvas

LA1183)Canada Geese in Plastic Canvas$2.00

There are 2 wonderful patterns for wall pictures, coasters, a tissue box cover, 2 different magnets, and a doorstop of Canadian geese to stitch in 7 mesh plastic canvas in this Lesisure Arts leaflet.

Quantity in stock: SOLD

Bears, Bears in Plastic Canvas

LA1347)Bears, Bears, and More Bears$3.00

Wow! Talk about bears!!! There are 24 bear patterns to make refrigerator magnets for every occasion. Stitch the bears in brown, or tan, or light beige colours. There is a graudation bear, a gone fishing bear, a st. Patricks Day bear, of course the Mother's and Father's Day bear, plus many, many more. All to be stiched in 7 mesh plastic canvas. I am sure you can think of some other occasions that you could make these for.

Quantity in stock: 3

Out West in Plastic Canvas

LA1449)Out West in Plastic Canvas$4.00

There are 11 designs in this leaflet to stitch on 7 mesh plastic canvas. Stitch coasters, tissue box cover, doorstop,and many more. These pictures depict a cowboys hat, a cowboy on horse in different positions to name a few.

Quantity in stock: SOLD

LA1557)Wind chimes in Plastic Canvas$4.50

This leaflet has 3 wind chimes to stitch in plastic canvas. With these patterns in hand why not try a pattern of your own. There is a butterfly with flowers, one with bluebirds and a "Home Sweet Home". These make wonderful accents to any backyard, veranda, or living room.

Quantity in stock: SOLD

LA1622)Pinecone Florals$6.95

This beginners guide to making pinecone flowers will teach you how to make 6 different flowers using different types of pinceones. From sunflowers to marigolds, pansies to zinnias, coneflowers to chrysanthemums. You will learn to cut, paint, and glue the various pinecones to make these flowers. Once learned then it is easy to mix and match them in amazing floral baskets and wreaths with the added touch of silk leaves and maybe some dried grasses. Don't forget the bow. There are instructions on how to make that too.

Quantity in stock: SOLD

Teach Me in Plastic Canvas

LA1638)"Teach Me" plastic canvas$5.50

This paperback book is full of extra easy instructions just for kids! Any child will have fun stitching refrigerator magnets in animal shapes and rainbows. From bookmarks to a tic-tac-toe game and a trinket bos for those special little treasures. So kids, have FUN!!

Quantity in stock: 4

LA1700)Our Best Bazaar Projects in Plastic Canvas$7.95

This booklet is offering 55 fast and easy projects to stitch using 7, 10, and 14 mesh plastic canvas. Using 14 mesh make butterfly plant pokes. Using 10 mesh you can make bookmarks. Using the 7 mesh you can make tissue covers, magnets, coasters, etc. If you work a lot with plastic canvas I am sure you will enjoy this booklet.

Quantity in stock: 4

LA1701)Metallic Threads in Plastic Canvas$5.50

This booklet has some very simple patterns to make tissue box covers. It also teaches you how to enhance the beauty of these projects with metallic threads and beads. Watch your projects come to life with a little sparkle. Learn how to make a lace trim in plastic canvas.

Quantity in stock: 3

LA1703)In a Garden$6.95

This wonderful booklet teaches you how to combine dried natural grasses and flowers with fabric flowers and a little imagination. Of course you will need to have your trusty hot glue gun, scissors, pliers, etc. to complete these projects. Make floral arrangements that will fit around your clock for a very unique way of decorating. Another very unusual project is a flower cake. Yes, that's right!! You will learn how to assemble styrofoam circles, moss, bird seed and other dried naturals for this table centerpiece.

Quantity in stock: 2

LA1716)Sassy Signs in Plastic Canvas$5.00

Need a sign that says "Beware of Kids"? or this "Kitchen is Closed"? Well this leaflet has patterns to make 7 different signs. Maybe you know of an expression that you could stitch with these patterns. All are stitched on 7 mesh plastic canvas.

Quantity in stock: 3

Bright Ideas in Plastic Canvas

LA1753)Bright Ideas in Plastic Canvas$6.00

This 18 page leaflet includes tissue cover boxes, coasters, eyeglass case, magnets and many other items to stitch in 7 mesh plastic canvas.

Quantity in stock: 1

Cherished Teddies Monthly Magnets in Plastic Canvas

LA1822)"Cherished Teddies" Monthly Magnets$6.50

There is a teddy bear magnet for each month of the year. Stitch these bears using 7 mesh plastic canvas and scraps of yarn. Adorn them with ribbons and silk flowers as desired.

Quantity in stock: 4

Peanuts Magnets in Plastic Canvas

LA1837)Peanuts Magnets in Plastic Canvas$5.50

This book is for those who just love Peanuts and the gang! There are 24 designs with 3 different styles for all the characters of Peanuts to stitch using 7 mesh plastic canvas.

Quantity in stock: 2

Sun Catchers for all Seasons

LA1843)Sun Catchers for all Seasons$5.95

No one will believe you've created these sunny sun catchers from plastic take-out food containers! celebrate the different occasions from Valentines Day to Easter, Summer to winter, Christmas to nature with these unique ideas. Try some of your own ideas.

Quantity in stock: 2

Decorate your Home in Plastic Canvas

LA1876)Decorate your Home - Plastic Canvas$18.40

There are more than 65 projects that await your creative talents in this paperback book. You'll love the charming accents of a welcoming wreath for your front door, picture frames to hold those special pictures, beautiful baskets to hold those odds and ends, and even a potted sunflower clock!! Most of the patterns are stitched using 7 mesh plastic canvas, but some use 5 and 10 mesh.

Quantity in stock: 2

LA3058)Peanuts Cross Stitch Magnets$5.00

These 20 designs for magnets are an absolute must!! Any "Peanuts" lover will love to have one of these magnets stitched on 14 mesh plastic canvas. These patterns can also be stitched onto sweatshirts using waste canvas.

Quantity in stock: 2

Aleenes Something from Nothing

LA108708)Aleene's Something from Nothing$14.95

This 144 page paperback book is full of ideas to transform your discards into treasures!! Have some stained, chipped kitchen untensils? Using nylon fishing line, a handful of beads you can turn them into wind chimes. Add new life to an old lampshade by decorating it with silk and natural flowers. Turn empty glass spice bottles into beautiful tealight candle holders with a little glue and some paint. These are to name just a few of the wonderful ideas in this book.

quantity in stock: 2

Recyclers Guide to Creative Crafts

LA33118)The Recyclers Guide to Creative Crafts$19.95

You will find over 140 delightful ways to tranform your everyday discards into dazzling treasures in this hardcover book. There is something for every occasion plus more more. Transform an empty glass bottle with some coloured tissue paper and glue into a wonderful candle holder. Turn a 48 ounce tin can into a base for an electric lamp.

Quantity in stock: 1

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